Questions and Answers

What about auditions?  You don't have to "pass" the audition to be in the cast. But the distribution of parts is determined by audition. The class session is are an introduction to the show and to the staff. An audition sign-up will be circulated. The auditions follow. We try to provide everyone a speaking part because one of our goals is to provide experience for all, not just for the already-experienced. We frequently double-cast to extend the number of key roles.  But the final decision regarding double-casting will be the director's.

Why a tuition?  We’re not funded by the School District.  In "good" years BUSD may have a little money to spare for this. But we have not sought it for the following reasons.

Isn’t there enough youth theater out there already?    We believe there is more demand than the current programs at the middle schools and high school can serve. In BUSD there are about 2100 7th-9th graders but very few slots in the casts of musical productions.  Our program compares strongly in quality, challenge and efficiency with all local programs, even with private ones which cost much more. Kids and parent want more venues.

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Why exclude 6th graders?  Our first three productions were dominated by sixth graders.  Their amazing efforts gave this Troupe its birth. Now that we're not based at one middle school, we don't expect 6th graders to trek around town after us but to support their own schools. We are assembling older, more experienced youth who are thinking about doing drama at high school.

Why include 9th - 11th graders?   BHS has one theater program.  The competition for parts it its two yearly productions excludes all but a handful of 9th and 10th graders.  This forces 9th and 10th graders who want to advance to BHS productions to go outside Berkeley for a venue.