Youth Musical Theater Company
Policy Information 2004-2005

Rehearsal Attendance and Timeliness

Unlike individual lessons and recitals, performing in a show is a group experience. YMTC's rehearsal attendance policy is designed to support the success of the show for everyone, and ensure the quality of the performance.

•  Students must discuss the show's rehearsal schedule with their parents prior to auditioning. Conflicts must be noted on the audition form.

•  Absences for activities or events which are not disclosed on the audition forms, even if the YMTC instructors are informed prior to the absence, will be considered unexcused.

•  Unexcused absences may result in a student being dropped from a role or from the show.

•  Consistent tardiness is disruptive to everyone, and may also result in a student being dropped from a role or the show.

•  Chronic illness or other recurring family emergencies, while unfortunate, may also result in a student being dropped from a role or the show.

YMTC assumes that students will have made arrangements with their parents about transportation home following rehearsals. YMTC is not responsible for students once rehearsal is over.

Preparation for Rehearsals

The performance aspiration level for YMTC productions is very high. The following are rehearsal expectations for all YMTC performers:

•  Practice YMTC music, dances and scenes at home during the week.

•  Arrive at each rehearsal with your script, music and a pencil.

•  Arrive at rehearsal well rested and ready to work.


An important part of YMTC's mission is to teach teamwork, persistence and proper professional behavior. The expectations set out below are intended to help students succeed with their musical theater “team”, and to ensure that the performances will be of the highest quality and enjoyable by all.

•  Students are expected to behave respectfully toward, and cooperate with instructions from the Director, Music Director, other YMTC staff, BUSD or church staff, and parent volunteers at all times.

•  Students are not to leave the building during rehearsals and performances. When they are not actively engaged in the rehearsal, students should read or do homework. Talking must be kept at a minimum as it is distracting to those who are working. The regular occupants of the buildings in which we rehearse must be shown courtesy - we are tenants. The buildings in which we rehease must be treated with care. Students should clean up after themselves!

•  Students are expected to treat each other with respect and support. Negative comments said directly to someone, or behind his/her back are hurtful to the individual and the group as a whole, and will not be tolerated.

•  If there is a concern or question about the show, the student or parent should to talk with the Director as soon as possible. Please do not to wait until the issue becomes a problem and the Director can no longer do anything about it, or the show is put in jeopardy.


Tuition for YMTC's 2004-05 production is $400, and is due in full by January 7. Parents may pay in installments if arrangements are made with the Treasurer by January 7. Limited tuition assistance is available, at the Board's discretion, to families who apply by January 7. To request tuition assistance, please submit a brief letter, indicating the amount of assistance being requested, to the Treasurer (contact information listed below).

Tuition only covers half of YMTC's total production expenses. The rest must be made up in ticket sales, volunteer time and donations. It is essential that we collect tuition in a timely manner. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. Tuition checks should be made payable to YMTC, and may be mailed to the address listed below, or brought to rehearsal. Unfortunately, as a small, non-profit organization, YMTC cannot afford to refund tuitions, regardless of the reason that the student cannot participate in the show. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Parent Participation

YMTC could not function without parent volunteers to support the various activities of the production each year. Please consider helping out with costumes, props, publicity, programs, ticket and/or intermission refreshment sales, and/or other fundraising activities. Do not worry that you are not a carpenter or a seamstress. Taking tickets at the door, for example, is vital to our viability and consumes a squad of volunteers each night. Thank you!

Contact Information and Communication

The YMTC website ( is used regularly as a means of quickly disseminating important information regarding rehearsals, schedules, performances, etc. Please check this website daily for updates. Following is contact information for Board members:

Bruce Wicinas, President – 848-1797,
Jennifer Boesing, Vice-President – 558-8433,
Pam Crane, Secretary/Treasurer – 525-3012,

The general phone message number for YMTC is 595-5514. Mail should be sent to:

YPCO c/o Crane
820 Arlington Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94707