Youth Musical Theater Commons production of "West Side Story"

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Parent Help   Though the fee covers instruction and expenses, this is a community enterprise.  Set, costume and other support is by parents. To be pleasure not toil, the production work needs to be spread. Can your household help?   _______

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Families who do not seek scholarships: Tuition is payable in two installments (one payment is fine if preferred.)
First installment is due right away.  Checks: "Youth Musical Theater Commons"
“Scholarships” are available. We have never barred a committed student on the basis of funds.  If you need to apply for a "scholarship" please check here........................________

 Amount of scholarship requested: (full tuition is $380)    ____________
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About Finances:
Total production costs are $12- $15,000. This covers:
  • Teachers' and accompanist's salaries
  • Rent
  • License
  • Musicians
  • Copying and materials
This program receives no funding other than paid tuition and the "door" (tickets to the shows.)  We pay for the best of instruction and direction but rely on volunteer labor for other functions such as costuming. Some years we obtain a very small grant but there is no large donor and no institutional fund source. If the sum of tuition pledged to us does not cover our budget, this project must be aborted.

List other youth musical theater venues in which your young cast member has performed: (The purpose is to better inform us about what opportunities have been available to kids.)