KISS ME KATE Cast "A" - Spring, 2000
Kiss Me Kate 2000 Snapshots, Page 1 Page 2

Berkeley Arts Magnet and Willard Middle School.  Catherine Lynch, Jennifer Boesing, Evelyn Larsen, Bruce Wicinas, Diana Perry.
Don't read the card now!We Open In VeniceTom, Dick or Harry?The meat is not well!

...the business that he gives his secretary!I Hate Men!
Always true to you, Darlin'Time for another nap

the stars fill the sky...All kow-tow!
Adorador-Knudsen, Nayeli   (8, Longf)
Barry, Sean (7, Longf)
Calef, Phoebe (8,  Longf)
Chelnov-Snitow, Tania (8,  King)
Crane, Gabe (8, Windrush) 
Drummond, Yasmeen (9, BHS)
Fox, Emily  (8,  King)
Gray, Walter  (8, Longf)
Hallam, Ginny  (8, Willard)
Lee, Joanna  (8, King)
Leonard, Sarah  (7, King)
McDougall, Owen  (9, BHS)
Penberthy, Megan  (7, Willard)
Ruchlis, Annalisa  (7, King)
Steele-Ogus, Melissa  (9, BHS)
Taub, Bella (7,  King)
Wicinas, Kay  (8, Willard)