Into the Woods Snapshots, Page 1 Page 2
INTO THE WOODS - Spring, 2002

Berkeley Arts Magnet.  Simon Kaplan, Rona Sidiqui, directors. Jennifer Boesing, Bruce Wicinas, Diana Perry, support.
Jack, you can't have a cow for a friend. The king's festival, Cinderella? There are big tall terrible... ...giants in the sky! That way! I like your cape... When the one thing you want is the one thing that's out of your reach. Agony!! No more eating little girls for you Into the woods! Stay with me... Happy ever after!
Alderman, Elena  (7; BPC)
Anderson, Erin  (7; K)
Barnett, Emilie  (7; K)
Barry, Sean  (9; BHS)
Blumenfeld, Mimi  (8; K)
Chervin, Lena  (7; L)
Covey, Megan  (7; W)
Duff, Tim  (8; L)
Epstein, Colin  (10; BHS)
Jetton, Johanna  (8; K)
Johnson, Phillip Carroll  (7; Ind)
Morrissey, Caitlin  (7; SoTM)
Nicely, Jessica  (7; K)
Orr, Devyn  (8; K)
Penberthy, Megan  (9; BHS)
Schroter, Mathea  (7; Cseb)
Smith, Cindy  (10; BHS)
Stein, Emily  (7; K)
Troost, Evan  (7; L)
Upstill, Anya  (8; K)
Upstill, Kim  (8; K)
Wicinas, Kay  (10; BHS)