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Archive of local public decision-making. Misc. applications of solid modeling. Last updated 4/10/2014
Passionate but well-substantiated accounts of public decision processes in which the author has participated or which (i.e. BART) the author reveres. Vigils concerning decisions pending (i.e., BRT in Berkeley.) Documents pertinent to still-born decision processes. "Pre-emptive concern addressing" defined. This site is maintained by Bruce Wicinas
BART, 1950's - 1973

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Decision History

"A History of the Key Decisions in the Development of Bay Area Rapid Transit." McDonald & Smart, 1975. .pdf; 32 mbytes.

A "must-read" for anyone interested in once-in-two-generation, unprogrammed public decision-making on regional scale. Also of interest to transportation planners. Never before available except as request for photocopy from the National Technical Information Service, this document has languished in a file cabinet at the BART system library since 1975.
Halcyon Commons

Birth of a 100% Citizen Initiated Park
The Gestation of Halcyon Commons

Convert an unneeded, grease-stained city-owned parking lot in a residential area into a park? Easier dreamed than done! Follow the three year story of how a neighborhood perservered and at last prevailed over resistance from the quarter least suspected - local city government.
Pedestrian Streets

The founding of the Berkeley City Arts District

Coming soon. (See also Places Journal, Volume 20, Number 2, 2008 Article: Community Activism vs. Community Design)

BRT in Berkeley

This is a long-running struggle. Much hangs on the outcome. But it is a broken process. Those in harm's way - home owners and businesses along the corridor other than speculators - are mostly not enagaged and not even aware. The zealous advocates - the mayor, city council, local "green" and "walkable city" enthusiasts, are not owners near the corridor and will suffer no personal cost. The planning establishment and transportation vendors anticipate a time of plenty and have contributed large sums toward silencing dissent. Is public money well spent and mass transportation well served by a route that duplicates that of BART? Read more!
BRT Alternatives

BRT in Downtown Berkeley
BRT Alternatives

"Locally preferred alternative?" Convince us!
Design Subcommittee

The DBA Design Committee, 2003-2008
DBA Design Committee

During the tenure we saw presentations of downtown projects in the works, raised the alarm about BRT beginning in 2004, "daylighted" the proposal to "daylight the creek" in Center Street, wrote much about transit, parking and BART plaza, attempted to launch a civic "Downtown Visioning" exercise and design charette - until we were discouraged and depleted by DAPAC.
Pedestrian Streets

U.S. Closed "Pedestrian Streets"
Comparison Matrix

(Incomplete study.) A local grassroots movement wishes to close to vehicle traffic the most commercially successful block in downtown, promising that closure would enhance life and activity in the downtown.. To inform the decision process the author commenced a study of the successful closed blocks in the U.S. It was intended to uncover the logic by which a few closed blocks have succeeded but hundreds have failed and re-opened. (for Downtown Berkeley Association, 11/2006)
Center St. Models

Center Street 3D Models

(3D modeling study.) A local grassroots movement proposed to depave, trench and add flowing water to the most commercially successful block in downtown. No drawings or diagrams of the proposal had ever been produced. The author suspected that everyone's personal visioin of the idea varied from the reality of the dimensions of the street and adjacent buildings. This study aimed to give a sense of the pedestrian experience of the proposed ravine. (for Downtown Berkeley Association, 10/2006)
Visioning a Downtown: A proposed approach

DBA: "Visioning a Downtown"

Berkeley contains far more than its share of opinions and of talented people. But the population is of many mind. How can a fresh and mobilizing vision for downtown be harvested? (Proposal. For Downtown Berkeley Association, 8/2005)
Proposal for Parking on the BUSD Milvia Site

BHS Milvia Street "Parking Structure"

Background Document. Prepared for Downtown Berkeley Association and for Berkeley Unified School District.

Berkeley Unified Citizens' Construction Advisory Committee (CCAC) Archive

Campus, Pre-bond state

BHS Master Planning Archive

Emerson School Stage

BUSD Auditorium Stages

AA/BB Orange Book

BUSD "Orange Book"
School Bond Measure AA and Parcel Tax BB

YMTC roots

Musical Theater in Berkeley in the '00s
Musical Theater in Berkeley in the '00s

In 1999-2005,